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Route 66 Country: Erin Duvall dances through her "Walking Country Song"

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

By: Route 66 Country

Erin Duvall is a Texas singer, songwriter, mother, and entrepreneur, who was raised on country, blues, gospel, and rock ‘n’ roll.

Erin formed a charity foundation 'Twice the Love' to support single parents getting back on their feet emotionally and physically after facing hardships. She also created the children’s animated character Aunty E, which teaches children about all different genres of music and features over twenty characters, a book series, and an album.

Her latest release “Walking Country Song” is partly autobiographical. “It is my honest and transparent depiction of the tangled yet beautiful journey, with many sharp turns, of where my life has taken me and where my compass is pointing me now,” Erin says, “I’m a country song… made up of strength, doubt, tears, love, pure grit, and determination. Always one foot firmly on the ground while the other is constantly in motion.”

The song opens with a powerful drum beat and a chorus of several voices. When Erin pulls away from the crowd and lets her strong voice wail, you can’t help but listen. The trumpets and fast lyrics add a Motown feel to the song while Erin’s dialect brings you back to the country.

The electric guitar pops out after the chorus, but the thumping bass and horn section makes the song what it is. Erin sings about thinking in the quiet of the country, but the city is full of hustle and bustle and crying babies.

Her voice goes from raspy to clear in the same moment, a little R&B with a lot of twang. Her background singers echo the song’s title after the chorus and keeps the theme going strong.

The second verse refers to how she’s had her head in the clouds but slapped back down when the love ended. She sailed into the sunset, but only has memories to hold on to now. Erin reminds us that obstacles are what builds you into the person you are.

After the last chorus, Erin repeats the title with some ad lib melodies while the horn section and backup singers maintain the momentum. We may be dancing in our seats, but she’s a “Walking Country Song.”

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