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The Adventures of a Rockstar Princes Touring the World of Music

The whole World adores their Rockstar Princess - the beloved “Aunty E”. She has toured from coast to coast to sold out stadiums, brought joy to the hearts of many with her songs and made the world a little bit brighter with her big endearing smile. But she yearned for a quieter place to hang up her boots on occasion and Harmony Hills was just the spot. The smaller moments in life for her in between tours are now based on sharing her love and education of music. Her Tour Manager, Traveling Tom, and she have many adventures around the sun with the kids that provide the heartbeat of the place they call home, Harmony Hills. They travel to far away places to learn about different cultures of music, sway with the different rhythms of the world and soar like the wings of a Butterly. 

AUNTY E_edited.png

AUNTY E by Erin Duvall

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