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Erin Duvall Debuts Music Video To Single “Walking Country Song”

By: New Music Weekly

Erin Duvall, a Texas singer, songwriter, mother, and entrepreneur, releases the high-energy music video to accompany her brand-new single, “Walking Country Song.” In this music video, Directed by Simeon Baker with cinematographer Tony Pettiford of Clear Scope Media, Erin has you captivated through the endurance and fighting spirit of a dream-chaser. As a positive force in country music, the singer takes a high-spirited approach throughout her journey and undoubtedly provides a go-to song for listeners.

The video perfectly captures the essence of Erin’s tangled yet beautiful journey and sets out to explore all of the feelings, obstacles, and endurance that come with “The Three Faces of Erin.” The impeccable footage is a real-life story as every facet of Erin feeds her soul — Music, Motherhood, and Entrepreneurship.

“The song opens with a powerful drum beat and a chorus of several voices. When Erin pulls away from the crowd and lets her strong voice wail, you can’t help but listen. The trumpets and fast lyrics add a Motown feel to the song while Erin’s dialect brings you back to the country,” explains Ashley Rose Lily, writer from Rt66 Country Music.
“Been burnt down and headstrong. Crushed dreams that were lifelong. Been highest, most biased. Been loved through the crisis …” The grit, love, hope, doubt, tears, and determination are the overarching themes throughout the video. “Walking Country Song” is full of strength and is the perfect depiction of how imperfect life can be.
Ashley adds, “Erin’s voice goes from raspy to clear in the same moment, a little R&B with a lot of twang. Her background singers echo the song’s title after the chorus and keep the theme going strong.”
“When we look at Erin Duvall, we see a woman of beauty, elegance, and persistence with a soft, raspy voice that demands your attention at all times. When you hear this record, it will take you on a musical journey of her life’s “Walking Country Song” and how she now has her “Wings” to soar like the powerful woman she was designed to be. — Baker Brothers, Award-winning musicians touring with Kirk Franklin and Bishop T.D. Jakes

The deeply personal track and video is a staple to Erin’s life and draws inspiration from her southern roots and profound love of traditional country music. Be sure to follow Erin Duvall on all social media platforms to keep updated on the latest!

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