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By: Dallas Doing Good

Twice the Love Foundation invites you to join us for a night of great music and giving back. Featuring Erin Duvall and benefitting The Genesis Women’s Shelter, the charity event is set to take place Wednesday, November 2nd at the AT&T Performing Arts Center — Annette Strauss Square located in Dallas, TX.

Lights Down, Stars Up! The night will be full of music featuring special guest Frankie Leonie and Twice the Love founder, Erin Duvall. Jan Langbein, CEO of Genesis Women’s Shelter, will be sharing a special message for guests in attendance.

“One thing is absolute is that it takes a village; a village that welcomes you with open arms and provides encouragement and help for single parents and their children. In a one-parent household, you provide twice the love to your children and are lucky to receive twice the love as well” says Erin Duvall.

Twice the Love focuses on the social, emotional, and financial stressors of being a single parent and helping those who need assistance to get back on their feet. When the founder, Erin Duvall, moved back home in 2016, she was very fortunate to have a loving place to land. However, she knows many single parents do not find this support on their journey. Erin says, “Hosting this event for Genesis Women’s Shelter while introducing my new charity, Twice the Love Foundation, to my hometown, is such a special moment in time for me. The Genesis Women’s Shelter is an incredible organization with an impressive legacy and we are honored to be able to pay it forward by bringing heart and music together for one special night.”

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